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Florida to Partially Reopen Amidst Covid-19

Governor Ron de Santis has issued Executive Order 20-112 which commences Phase 1 of his “Safe. Smart. Step-by-Stop Plan” to reopen the State of Florida. While the plan is light on the details, the following locations are remaining closed or reopening with restrictions:



Any violation of this order shall constitute a second-degree misdemeanor pursuant to section 252.50, Florida Statutes, and is punishable by imprisonment not to exceed 60 days, a fine not to exceed $500, or both.

What should I EXPECT NOW?

As a Florida resident, employee, potential business owner and/or consumer, you are probably now considering the pros and cons of attempting to return to your regular, pre-Covid-19 life. Rest assured, whether it be interpreting a lease, negotiating with your lender for a loan modification or ensuring your business is compliant with these new and ever changing regulations due to the coronavirus, you should speak with an attorney to see which options work best for your specific situation.

The attorneys at G&R Law are able to assist you and will work with you during these trying times and within your financial means to ensure you are able to take your first steps towards recovering from the effects of Covid-19. 

Please click on the link to contact G&R Law and book your free of charge telephonic or virtual appointment. 

Stay safe during these trying times. 

David Vega, Esq.

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