Florida Leads the Nation in New Covid-19 Cases

It seems that Florida is leading the United States in new cases of Covid-19. This past Saturday and Sunday saw 3,494 and 4,049 new cases respectively; with 21,723 new cases from Sunday to Sunday, the highest in a one-week period since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Governor Ron DeSantis attributes the sudden spike in cases to more widely available tests. South Florida also holds 54% of the state’s Covid-19 related fatalities, totaling 1,725. Nationwide there have been nearly 2.3 million cases with nearly 120,000 deaths.

What precautions can i take?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a cloth facial covering in circumstances where social distancing is difficult to maintain such as in a grocery or a pharmacy. This is particularly important given that people may be asymptomatic (lacking any symptoms) and may be unknowingly spreading Covid-19. Please visit the CDC website for more information.

What this means for me and my business?

With all of this uncertainty and increased rate of people contracting Covid-19, you may be worried how it will affect your business which has reopened in part due to the passing of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Whether you are a landlord or hotel/motel owner who recently rented your property and is concerned they may seek a refund to a store owner who is concerned about the effects of customers not maintaining adequate social distancing; the attorneys at G&R Law are able to assist you in ensuring your business is one step closer to recovery.  G&R Law will work with you during these trying times and within your financial means to help you and your business recover from the effects of Covid-19.

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Stay safe during these trying times.

David Vega, Esq.

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