Family Law

Family law matters are often highly emotional and contentious. At Gonzalez & Rodriguez, P.L., we assist our clients in making calculated, level-headed decisions that they can live with — now and in the future.

Since 2003, from our office in Coral Gables, Florida, we have represented clients throughout the Miami metro area and South Florida and foreigners from other countries who are facing challenging family law issues. With backgrounds in business, accounting and immigration, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to handle family law matters involving complex financial issues and cross-border disputes.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

When family law issues are battled out in the courtroom, no one wins. We encourage parties to resolve their disputes in an amicable fashion outside of the courtroom, not only because it will help you save on attorney’s fees, but it will also help you preserve important family relationships. However, when litigation is needed to protect your rights and interests, you can count on us for vigorous representation in the courtroom.

Our firm handles a comprehensive range of family law issues, including:

Our Miami-Dade County family law attorneys understand the emotional and financial impact that these issues can have on your family. We strive to create an environment in which our clients can feel comfortable sharing all of their concerns and goals with us. This enables us to tailor our services to help you meet your unique objectives.

Representing a Diverse Clientele

Our firm serves clients from throughout the world, including Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia and other countries in Latin America. We are fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. We understand the unique issues that you face as a foreigner going through a divorce or child custody issue in Florida. We will help you navigate the family court system and protect your rights.

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