What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s assets are distributed after death.This can be a complicated process which our firm can help with and guide you in order to make it as uncomplicated as possible.

At Gonzalez & Rodriguez, PL we advise and represent an estate’s personal representative, as well as family members, on how to proceed when a loved one passes away.

We understand the financial and legal issues involved and can often save clients time and money in settling an estate through probate.

Our firm can advise the personal representative and provide probate services throughout all steps of the probate process, including:

•· Filing a petition to name a personal representative

•· Assembling and valuing the assets and debts of the estate

•· Notifying creditors and other interested parties of the probate action

•· Counseling personal representatives on the actions they must take to fulfill their fiduciary duty

•· Payment of outstanding debts and tax obligations

•· Distribution of the remaining estate assets according to the wishes of the decedent

•· Applying for federal tax ID number for an estate or trust

•· Closing out the estate and filing all necessary papers with the Court

Our team understands how important it is to have everything in order for your loved ones or to take care of the various issues that arise after you or a loved one’s passing.

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