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Experienced Representation in Alimony

In Florida, alimony is based on a subjective finding of a spouse’s financial need for alimony and the other spouse’s financial ability to pay alimony. Many factors are analyzed by the Courts in determining the proper alimony amount such as the following:

•· Length of the marriage,

•· Contribution of each spouse to the marriage,

•· Educational backgrounds of the spouses,

•· Waste of marital funds such as due to infidelity and

•· Income of the spouses and work history,

After the Courts have made a determination that a spouse is entitled to alimony based on factors such as those above, a determination as to the type of alimony must then be decided. Alimony may be awarded in these various forms:

•· Permanent alimony (until one of the spouses remarries or passes),

•· Durational alimony (for a fixed period of time not to exceed the length of the marriage),

•· Rehabilitative (for a term to allow the spouse to return to school, seek employment, etc.),

•· Bridge-the-gap (for a maximum of two years to allow spouse to achieve any short term goals),

•· Temporary (for the duration of the divorce process or proceedings) and

•· Lump sum (a one-time fixed amount payment).

Even after alimony has been awarded, it may be modified or terminated based upon a showing of a substantial change in circumstances or the existing of a supportive relationship.

Our team understands how important it is for your peace of mind that you are receiving or paying the proper amount of alimony based on your ability to pay and the other person’s need.

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