Condominium Law

Our firm limits its practice to representing the Condominium Associations versus the individual homeowner. Our lawyers work with the condominium board to help them with the collection of delinquent accounts, enforcement and interpretation of the covenants and restrictions, 40 year certifications, warranty claims, and negotiation of contracts with third party vendors.

Our firm works with both small and large condominium associations in South Florida as well as homeowner association and many individual low-rise townhome associations.

When it comes to delinquent or enforcement issues, we try to charge our fees to the condominium owner for his own acts, otherwise we charge a reduced hourly rate for representation to our associations.

Gonzalez & Rodriguez, PL lawyers provide a wide range of services for our Associations, including:

• Interpretation of Association Governing Documents and Florida Statute 718

• Revisions or Amendments to Association Governing Documents

• Negotiating and Drafting Contracts with Third Party Vendors

• Enforcement of the Governing Documents

• Preparation of Meeting Documents and Annual Meetings

• Help with the day-to-day Decision Making of the Association

• Attendance at Annual Meeting or Election of Officers

• Construction Defect Claims or Warranty Claims

• Negotiation and Review of Loan Documents for Improvement Projects or Maintenance

• Preparation of Liens

• Preparation of Estoppel Requests

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