Baby Boomer Divorce Rate Increasing

Although divorce rates are decreasing across the nation, an interesting trend is emerging: divorce rates among baby boomers are on the rise. This group alone, composed of individuals ranging in age from their late forties to late sixties, is now responsible for one in four divorces.
This rate continues to grow, and women claim to initiate over 66 percent of these divorces, according to a survey conducted by AARP.
What is fueling the increase? Experts speculate this empowered generation of women famous for shattering social mores in the past is prepared to do it again, all in the pursuit of happiness.
Factors Contributing to Divorce Among Boomer Women
Researchers found traditional moral taboos against divorce no longer held troubled marriages together; instead children were serving as the glue. Once baby boomer women become empty nesters, they often take a step back and reevaluate their marriages.
An increasing rate of these boomer women are not happy with what they see. They often have careers and feel financially secure enough to walk away from an unsatisfying relationship.

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